We Help Developers and Businesses Build Scalable Web Scrapers in Minutes

ScraperAPI was founded in 2015 with only one goal: to make alternative data more accessible to developers and businesses by handling all complexities from a single API call.

Our team worked on hundreds of web scraping projects before realizing we were doing the same boilerplate tasks (setting up proxy servers, handling IP rotation, running headless browsers, etc.) over and over, so we decided it was time to wrap it all into a simple API that other developers and we could use to build scalable web scrapers without any setup.

His philosophy when building the tool?

ScraperAPI was built with just one endpoint to make the web scraping process as straightforward as possible. You can change a few parameters to customize it further to render the JavaScript of a site without using a headless browser yourself or changing the geolocation for your requests, for example. ScraperAPI is built to seamlessly integrate into any data scraping project.

We kept this philosophy alive in every new step we took!

ScraperAPI’s Team

Today, our team is working tirelessly to keep thousands of scrapers and projects running across 10,000+ active developers and organizations that use our solution to:

  • Build price comparison sites and apps
  • Analyze price data to find trends and opportunities
  • Uncover eCommerce insights and trends
  • Generate leads for their businesses and/or 3rd parties
  • Build a curated database of talented candidates
  • Monitor real estate listing on big platforms to build real estate and travel apps
  • Monitor their reviews for reputation management
  • Scrape search engine result pages to build SEO applications and/or monitor rankings

At ScraperAPI we want to help you go from idea to data without the hassle.

Do you need help or you’re just starting out?



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