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Using Web Scraping to Generate Leads

Updated 2019-12-31 by Daniel Ni

Learn the power of web scraping as a utility to crawl websites like Crunchbase and Angelist for prospective clients.

5 Tips For Building Large Scale Web Scrapers

Updated 2019-12-31 by Daniel Ni

Thinking of scaling up your scraping game? Click here to learn our top 5 tips to make sure you get it done right the first time, without wasting time or money.

What kind of companies use web scrapers?

Updated 2019-12-31 by Daniel Ni

We’ve spoken a lot about how web scrapers work, and are set up. In this article we discuss practical applications, and how they’re applied in the real world.

Our Story
Having built many web scrapers, we repeatedly went through the tiresome process of finding proxies, setting up headless browsers, and handling CAPTCHAs. That's why we decided to start Scraper API, it handles all of this for you so you can scrape any page with a simple API call!