Async Scraper Service

Our new Async Scraper endpoint allows you to submit multiple web scraping jobs at scale without timeouts or retries. You’ll receive the scraped data directly to your webhook endpoint.

Async Scraper Service

What’s the Difference Between
Async vs. Sync Web Scraping?


The biggest difference between Async vs. Sync is the time frame from when the request is sent to when the data is returned.


Standard synchronous scrapers can lead to bottlenecks when dealing with large volumes of data. So, instead of waiting for one request to return the data, an asynchronous scraper will send all requests simultaneously and await the responses.


All you need to do is submit all the necessary requests in bulk, and it’ll work on all of them until it achieves the highest success rate.

When to Use our Async Scraper API?

It depends on your timeline—and how complex your scraping needs are.

Residential Proxies

Your priority is a high success rate and not a fast response time.

Anti-bot bypassing

You’re seeing a decrease in the success rate of your requests.

API Documentation

You want to scrape highly secure websites.

Unlimited bandwith

You need to send a massive number of requests.

Quick Start Guide

In this step-by-step guide, you’ll learn how to:

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