About ScraperAPI​

ScraperAPI is a popular web scraping tool founded in 2018.
It was created by a team of developers with a shared vision: to help companies collect clean, insightful data without getting blocked.

about scraperapi

How it Started

From what started in 2018 as a one-person project has grown into an international team of data processing and web scraping enthusiasts. In addition, we’ve expanded in other departments and added to our team of engineers, designers, customer service agents, and marketers.

We’re building the next generation of web scraping tools: a world where data collection is a breeze and where publicly available data is at anyone’s doorstep.


Zoltan Bettenbuk

CTO of ScraperAPI

How it's Going

Setting up proxy servers and headless browsers, handling IP rotation, and outsmart CAPTCHAs are just a few of the tiresome issues that businesses face when collecting online data themselves. And still, they’re unable to scrape at scale without getting blocked. By navigating the storm ourselves, we’ve made web scraping easier for 10,000+ brands today.

Our team is working tirelessly to keep thousands of scrapers and projects running while streamlining the scraping process with a simple API call. We’re never done—it’s a cat and mouse game. There’s always research and development improvements for our product growth and your user experience.


Launched first version


Hit $10,000 in MRR


Reached 10,000 customers


Onboarded new management & team


Welcomed 100,000th customer


Crossed 30 billion API requests per month


Introduced async scraping feature

To be continued

Thousands of businesses—startups and enterprise-level companies—use our web scraping tool to harvest publicly available data on the internet. We’ve simplified web scraping in a way that minimizes the need for coding. Anyone can collect data from any website.

Our diverse client base initiates 36 billion web scraping requests a month. Many of them rely on us for efficiency—a solution that can scrape 14,000 websites per second—but also the fact that we service a broad spectrum of industries. Whether you’re looking to scrape marketplace pricing, stock market data, job listings, or simply keep an eye on your competitors, ScraperAPI can help.

How we Compare to Our Competitors

We focus on the proxies and let you focus on the data you want scraped.

Uncapped commission

Low-Cost Pricing

We never compromise our features over price. ScraperAPI scrapes tougher sites like Amazon and G2 at a fraction of the cost compared to other web scraping providers. This is why we remain a favorable solution with attractive pricing.

premium features

Premium Features

Every plan includes web scraping features such as auto proxy rotation, auto CAPTCHA handling, JS rendering, and geo-location targeting, among others.

Dedicated support

Hands-On Customer Service

We value every customer, no matter your plan. Our professional customer support is always available to answer any questions and give custom support.

Ongoing product development

Ongoing Product Development

We don’t sit still, we’re always innovating. We take your recommendations seriously, and strive to make web scraping easier, faster and more reliable.

Talk to an expert and learn how to build a scalable scraping solution.

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December 4, 2023 | 3 PM CEST

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