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Handle millions of requests without sacrificing efficiency, success rates, or data quality.

Web Scraping: The Basics Explained

Highly Scalable Infrastructure with Zero Complexity

ScraperAPI handles all technical complexities automatically with a simple API call.

And more.

Everything works so you can get a 99.99% success rate consistently, no matter the workload.

Data Pipeline

Enterprise-Level Tools without the Price Tag

Thanks to our unique statistical and machine learning algorithms, we’re able to bypass the toughest anti-scraping mechanisms at a fraction of the cost and across all our solutions.

All tools available under the same plan.

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Serious projects need serious support!

Our team of experts will stand behind you, ensuring your data pipelines run smoothly and without friction.

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Domain-Specific APIs​
Integrate ScraperAPI to your existing infrastructure to improve the performance of your scrapers, achieve higher success rates, and increase scraping speed.
Data Pipeline


Automate your entire data pipeline at scale without writing a single line of code. Save on maintaining costly coding infrastructures and managing complex scrapers.
Async Scraper Service
Handle millions of requests at a near 100% success rate with a simple Post() request. Scale your data collection for even the toughest domains.
IP locatations

40M IPs Around
the World

Uptime guarantee

Uptime Guarantee

Unlimited bandwith


Professional support


Built for Scale, Designed for Simplicity

ScraperAPI Integrates with Any Workflow

Integrate ScraperAPI into your system by sending your requests through the API endpoint. No installation or complex configurations needed.

Save Big on Large, Complex Projects

We’ve done the math! ScraperAPI reduces your internal costs and provides more data than other solutions at a fraction of the cost.

Collect Data from Anywhere in the World

Localized data is critical for accurate insights. Get all the context you need to make smart business decisions.

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