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Data Pipeline

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Dig deeper than surface-level SEO insights and get a 360-degree overview of SERPs continuously.

Set data collection intervals to track your competitors’ moves, and get organic and paid results in seconds.

Data Pipeline

Streamline SERP Data Collection

Add the keywords you want to keep track of, set the intervals for data collection, and get a continuous flow of data right where you need it — in an app, folder, or email.

Monitor hundreds of thousands of SERPs without getting blocked.

Add Fresh Data to Your SEO Tools and Reports

Developing a custom SEO tool or automating reports? Collect SERP data at custom intervals and get updates on traffic spikes without worrying about your IP getting blocked, handling CAPTCHAs, or parsing. 

Connect data with your app or workflow with a simple webhook.

Structured Data
premium features

Get Localized SERP Data From Anywhere

With an extensive pool of premium proxy providers across 50+ countries, you can access SERPs in any country or region as local customers would.

Use ScraperAPI’s custom parameters to get a more granular view of local SERPs.

Collect Data at Any Scale with a 99.99% Success Rate

Scrape up to 10K URLs in one project using DataPipeline – our low-code solution – and create as many projects as you need.

Alternatively, integrate ScraperAPI with your infrastructure using our Async Scraper and structured data endpoints to handle millions of requests concurrently with a simple API call.

Async Scraper Service

Use the Right Tool — Power Up Your Infrastructure or Go Low-Code

ScraperAPI adapts to your project, no matter its complexity.

Residential Proxies


Integrate ScraperAPI to your existing infrastructure to improve the performance of your scrapers, achieve higher success rates, and increase scraping speed.

Web Scraping: The Basics Explained


Automate your entire data pipeline at scale without writing a single line of code. Save on maintaining costly coding infrastructures and managing complex scrapers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Search engine result page (SERP) data is the information a search engine returns after the user submits a query.

When using ScraperAPI to scrape Google SERPs, it’ll turn every element in the search result page into structured JSON data, allowing you to collect, store, and manipulate the elements within a search result like “people also ask” and “related searches” box, ranking data, and etc.

The simplest way to scrape SERP data is using DataPipeline:

  • Open your ScraperAPI dashboard and create a new project
  • Click on the “Google Search” template
  • Paste all your target keywords on DataPipeline
  • Specify any requirements like geotargeting or scheduling
  • Run your project. You’ll be able to download your data in a couple of minutes

You can collect data from 10,000 URLs per project, and you can create as many projects as you need. For a more advanced tutorial, check our guide on scraping keyword rankings with Python.

Yes, it is legal to scrape Google search results because they are publicly available. Of course, that doesn’t mean Google wants you to scrape them, so you’ll have to use a tool like ScraperAPI to bypass its anti-scraping mechanisms and keep your IP safe.

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