Automatic data collection on up to 10K URLs. Schedule large-scale scraping projects without writing a single line of code.

Data Pipeline

Increase Your Team's Data Collection Efforts

DataPipeline enables you to scale data collection without building and maintaining complex scraping infrastructures. We handle the engineering resources so you can focus on analyzing the data. Get the right information, and move the needle where it matters.

Scrape On Autopilot, 24/7

Manage large data extraction projects with a few clicks:


  • All your project’s details in a clear dashboard
  • Download your data or error reports to track projects 
  • Get accurate pricing before running your project
  • Receive notifications on failed jobs, and fix them quickly
  • Use a visual scheduler or Cron for more precise scheduling
  • Submit up to 10,000 URLs per scraping project

Access all these features with near-zero development time.

Get Faster Results With Ready-to-Use Templates

Use our Structured Data Endpoints and retrieve well-structured JSON data without any extra steps.


  • Product Listings: Collect product descriptions and reviews from millions of listings 
  • Marketing: Monitor your competitors’ pricing and strategies
  • Competitor Intelligence: Speed up competitor research and outrank your competitors
  • Job Market: Collect job data for any industry and discover unique trends and insights

And so much more. No matter your use case, you will have complete control over how and where to get your data.

Start Integrating DataPipeline Into Your Workflow

Send data directly to any folder in your application, document storage space, or email. With our webhook integrations, there are no more manual downloads or copy-and-pasting. DataPipeline gets you the data you want, wherever you need it.

How It Works

Who Is It For?


Need a solution to collect data at an enterprise level? Integrate DataPipeline with any system and workflow you already use. Manage and schedule large projects with a simple-to-use interface.


Grow your freelance business without investing in more resources. DataPipeline’s quality and speed will help you manage larger projects from a single centralized application.


Get the right data for your research project without building complex data collection infrastructure. Scrape up to 10K pages in one project.

and Sales Pros

Get insights on competitors’ tactics without spending a fortune on a big SaaS tech stack. Extract unique insights at a glance and work out your plan for market domination.

Let’s sum up…

Why Use DataPipeline?

Frequently Asked Questions

Setting up and launching a project with DataPipeline’s no-code interface is simple, you don’t need to be a developer or data analyst to use it. However, you will need to have some idea of how you’re going to process your data once you get it.

Not sure where to start? Read our guide on what is data parsing to learn the basics.

DataPipeline returns structured JSON data when using any of our structured data endpoints (currently available for Amazon and Google domains). For other URLs, you’ll get ready-for-parsing HTML data.
DataPipeline can collect data from up to 10,000 URLs per project, securing a near 100% success rate on any domain. You can also choose a ready-to-use solution for more in-demand domains and receive the data in structured JSON format. We’re currently supporting: *More structured endpoints to come.

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