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Data Pipeline

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Data Pipeline

Collect Product Data from Anywhere

Localized data is critical for your ecommerce success, but anti-scraping mechanisms and geolocking can make it tricky to get.

ScraperAPI helps you overcome geographical limitations and collect data on any product from ecommerce marketplaces around the world – collecting data as if you were a local customer.

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Achieve higher scraping speed with our Async Scraper:

Let us manage timeouts, retries, anti-scraping mechanisms and any other complexity, and focus on getting the insights you need.

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Collect Ecommerce Data From Any Marketplace

Collect ecommerce insights from large and niche marketplaces, at 99% success rate.

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No matter the level of complexity, ScraperAPI is designed to fit any use case.

Residential Proxies


Integrate ScraperAPI to your existing infrastructure to improve the performance of your scrapers, achieve higher success rates, and increase scraping speed.

Web Scraping: The Basics Explained


Automate your entire data pipeline at scale without writing a single line of code. Save on maintaining costly coding infrastructures and managing complex scrapers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The simplest way to scrape ecommerce websites is using DataPipeline:

  • Open your ScraperAPI dashboard and create a new project Click on “extract data from arbitrary websites”
  • Copy your target page’s URL and paste it on DataPipeline
  • Specify any requirements like geotargeting or scheduling
  • Run your project. You’ll be able to download your data in a couple minutes

You can collect data from 10,000 URLs per project, and you can create as many projects as you need. For a more advanced tutorial, check our guide on collecting Amazon product data at scale.

Although Amazon doesn’t directly say it is open to be scraped, as long as you are not collecting sensitive user data or data behind login walls, it is completely legal to collect publicly available data from Amazon and any other ecommerce marketplace.

Collecting ecommerce data is the most effective way to gain a competitive edge over your competition. By having accurate data on pricing, product details, reviews, etc., you can create a more effective marketing and product strategy, allowing you to diminish risks and amplify your chances of success.

ScraperAPI allows you to extract the raw HTML from any ecommerce website, but when using our structured data endpoints or DataPipeline templates, you’ll get:

  • Pricing data
  • Product details
  • Shipping information
  • Product reviews
  • Featured products
  • Product offers
  • Search results

And much more.

When creating a free ScraperAPI account, you’ll receive 5,000 API credits you can use to test all ScraperAPI functionalities and tools. These include DataPipeline, structured data endpoints, and the Async Scraper. No credit card required.