Get Localized Data at Scale with Geotargeting

ScraperAPI handles over 40M rotating residential, mobile, and datacenter IPs across 50+ countries. Access data as a local and uncover location-specific insights!

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Get Localized Data at Scale with Geotargeting

One Parameter to Rule All Proxy Pools

To send your request as if you were in a specific country, set the country_code parameter using any of the supported countries in our documentation.
import requests

payload = {
   'api_key': 'YOUR_API_KEY',
   'country_code': 'us',
   'url': ''

response = requests.get('', params=payload)

This example uses Python, but we support all programming languages.

50+ Countries Available with Geotargeting

All you need to do is change the country_code flag on your request to change the proxy location.
Country Country Code Flag Proxies Available
United States United States country_code=us 5,121,722 IPs
Canada Canada country_code=ca 119,346 IPs
United Kingdom United Kingdom country_code=uk 298,962 IPs
Germany Germany country_code=de 321,736 IPs
France France country_code=fr 272,436 IPs
Spain Spain country_code=es 92,278 IPs
Brazil Brazil country_code=br 62,552 IPs
Mexico Mexico country_code=mx 78,327 IPs
India India country_code=in 3,574,624 IPs
Japan Japan country_code=jp 286,142 IPs
China China country_code=cn 358,963 IPs
Australia Australia country_code=au 142,857 IPs
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Residential IPs

Mobile IPs

Mobile IPs

Uptime guarantee

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Unlimited bandwith

Unlimited Bandwidth

ScraperAPI takes care of the complex proxy rotation, anti-bots, and CAPTCHAs processes, so you can focus on the data you need scraped.

No credit card required.

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One of the most frustrating parts of automated web scraping is constantly dealing with IP blocks and CAPTCHAs. ScraperAPI rotates IP addresses with each request.


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