Canada Proxies For Web Scraping

ScraperAPI handles over 119,346 rotating Canadian IPs so you can get the HTML from any Canadian web page with a simple API call!


Scraping Localized Data From Canada Websites Made Simple

Simply set country_code=ca and we will route your request through one of our
Canadian datacenter or residential proxy pools so you get the same data as if you were making the request from Canada.

ScraperAPI takes care of proxy rotation, anti-bots, and CAPTCHAs so you can focus on data analysis.

IP locatations

Datacenter IPs


Residential IPs

Mobile IPs

Mobile IPs

Uptime guarantee

Uptime Guarantee

Unlimited bandwith


Easily scrape any site with JS rendering, geotargeting or residential proxies.

Anti-bot detection

Never Get Blocked

Like normal requests, your Canadian proxy requests are routed through the APIs built-in anti-bot detection and bypassing system so you never need to worry about having your requests blocked.

Speed and reliability

Fast and Reliable

We automatically prune slow Canada-based proxies from our pools, and guarantee unlimited bandwidth with high speed, perfect for speedy web crawlers.


Built For Scale

Whether you need to scrape 100 Canadian pages per month or 100 million pages per month, ScraperAPI’s Canada-based proxies can give you the scale you need.

FAQ About our Proxies Located in Canada

The number of Canada-based proxies we have in our pools varies from month to month with changes in demand. However, we always have hundreds of thousands of Canada IPs available and can scale up quickly if demand increases.

We have datacenter IPs, residential IPs and mobile IPs in our Canada proxy pools. When using standard requests your requests will be routed through our Canada datacenter IPs (with Canadian residential IPs as backups), however, if you add premium=true to your request then all your requests will be sent through our premium residential and mobile Canada-based proxy pools.

To use our proxies located in Canada you simply need to send your requests to us via our API endpoint, SDK or proxy port along with the country_code=ca flag. From here the API will automatically route the request to our Canadian proxy pools and rotate proxies after every request.

Our Canada proxies are designed for scraping Canadian websites that display different data depending on the IP used to request the page, so they aren’t a good option to use with VPNs or streaming websites.

Yes, you can sign up to our free plan here and make up to 1,000 requests with Canada-based IPs by adding the parameter country_code=ca to your request.

Geotargeting For +50 Other Countries Available

Simply change the country_code=ca flag on your request to change proxy location.

Country Country Code Flag Proxies Available
United States United States country_code=us 5,121,722 IPs
Canada Canada country_code=ca 119,346 IPs
United Kingdom United Kingdom country_code=uk 298,962 IPs
Germany Germany country_code=de 321,736 IPs
France France country_code=fr 272,436 IPs
Spain Spain country_code=es 92,278 IPs
Brazil Brazil country_code=br 62,552 IPs
Mexico Mexico country_code=mx 78,327 IPs
India India country_code=in 3,574,624 IPs
Japan Japan country_code=jp 286,142 IPs
China China country_code=cn 358,963 IPs
Australia Australia country_code=au 142,857 IPs

What Our Customers
Are Saying

One of the most frustrating parts of automated web scraping is constantly dealing with IP blocks and CAPTCHAs. ScraperAPI rotates IP addresses with each request.


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