Async Scraper Service

Scrape millions of pages concurrently at a 99.99% success rate. No matter how complex or advanced the anti-scraping mechanisms are, our Async Scraper will return the data you need with a simple API call.

Async Scraper Service

Scrape Data at Scale From Any Website

Our new Async Scraper endpoint allows you to submit multiple large-scale web scraping jobs. 

To ensure a constant data stream, you can automate all necessary tasks–without timeouts or retries.

Get Data from Hard-to-Scrape Websites

Some websites are tougher than others and require more advanced infrastructure to handle. Our Async Scraper feature uses machine learning and years of statistical analysis to facilitate the right combination of IPs and headers, CAPCHAs, and any other anti-scraping systems. No need for additional configurations. Just submit a job through the endpoint and let ScraperAPI do the rest.

Only Focus on Data, Not Concurrencies

When you submit a scraping job to the Async Scraper service, it will use our most advanced scraping mechanisms to fetch even the most difficult sites in a relatively short time. Now, you can scrape millions of URLs without having to manage timeouts or retries—the tool will do everything on its own and return the HTML data as soon as possible.

Submit, and the Response Will Come Back to You

After a job is submitted, our Async Scraper will provide you with a status URL you can use to retrieve your structured data. However, by specifying a Webhook (which is our suggested data retrieval method), the tool will send the HTML data directly to you as soon as the scraping task is resolved. Get your data when you need it, where you need it, and in the format you need it!

All the Benefits of Using the API You’ve Come to Love

Our Async Scraper Service uses the traditional API underneath, so you have all the benefits of asynchronous scraping with the power ScraperAPI brings to the table:

When to Use our Async Scraper API?

Async Scraper simplifies your data collection by automating data retrieval from millions of URLs simultaneously and bypassing every anti-scraping mechanism it finds.

Residential Proxies

Higher Success Rates

Async scraper will work on your URL, using all our advanced scraping mechanisms, until you get a successful response, guaranteeing higher success rates on the toughest of websites.

Anti-bot bypassing

Failure Rate Going Up

Just plug the Async Scraper endpoint into your project and enjoy a near 100% success rate immediately.

API Documentation

Scrape Highly Secured Websites

Thanks to our machine learning algorithm and years of experience and statistical analysis, the Async Scraper is designed to get you accurate data from any site.

Unlimited bandwith

Massive Amount of Requests

Async Scraper can handle 100M+ monthly requests without slowing down. You’ll get ready-for-parsing HTML every time!

Get Started with Our Async Scraper

In this step-by-step guide, you’ll learn how to:

Talk to an expert and learn how to build a scalable scraping solution.

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