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ScraperAPI handles over 20 million rotating proxies so you can get the HTML from any web page with a simple API call!

Rotating proxies

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Using Rotating Proxies Has Never Been This Simple

Simply send us the URLs you want to scrape and we will route your request through our rotating datacenter and residential proxy pools. Customise your requests by adding render=true , country_code=us or session_number=123 to your request, enabling Javascript rendering, IP geolocation, sticky sessions and more.
Residential Proxies
Datacenter & Residential Rotating IPs


javascript rendering
Javascript Rendering

CAPTCHA Handling

Anti-bot bypassing
Automatic Anti-Bot Bypasses

20M+ Rotating Proxies From Over 30 Countries

Whether you need to scrape 100 pages per month or 100 million pages per month, ScraperAPI’s residential proxy pools from over 30 countries allow you to scrape the data you need without getting blocked.

Anti-bot detection

Never Get Blocked

Along with using our rotating proxy and header pools, all your proxy requests are routed through the APIs built-in CAPTCHA handling and anti-bot bypassing system so you never need to worry about having your requests blocked.

Speed and reliability

Fast and Reliable Residential IPs

We automatically prune slow datacenter and residential proxies from our rotating pools, and guarantee unlimited bandwidth with high speed, perfect for speedy web crawlers.

Slash Your Residential Proxy Costs

All our standard rotating proxy pools contain residential proxies as backups, so if you want to reduce your residential proxy bill then use our standard rotating proxy network and we will automatically use residential proxies if needed. All while minimizing costs or you.


With our standard proxy pools you get:


✓ 97% average success rates
✓ 75% cheaper than residential proxies
✓ Only use residential proxies when you really need to

Reduce costs

Why Use ScraperAPIs Rotating Proxy Network?


High speed and reliable rotating proxies

We understand that data collection is critical infrastructure for businesses. This is why we provide best in class datacenter and residential proxy reliability, and offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee to all of our customers large and small.

Unlimited bandwith

Unlimited bandwidth

Unlike most rotating free proxies for web scraping providers, all ScraperAPI datacenter and residential proxies allow for unlimited bandwidth, and only charge for successful requests. This makes it much easier for customers to estimate usage and keep costs down for large scale web scraping jobs.

Professional support

24/7 support

We pride ourselves on offering fast and friendly support to all our residential proxy users. If you need any help, contact support, we’re more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

Frequently asked questions about our rotating proxy network

What are rotating proxies? Rotating proxy networks are pools of datacenter and/or residential proxies that provide you a new proxy with every request. These proxy pools use an IP rotation policy that constantly rotates the proxy pool and enables you to not use the same proxy for a period of time. Making requests from rotating proxy pools make your requests harder to detect than static proxies and avoid you burning out your proxy pool when scraping websites.

Yes, for the vast majority of web scraping use cases you need to use some form of rotating proxy otherwise your proxies will quickly get detected or blocked. You either need to build and maintain your own proxy infrastructure that will automatically rotate your requests through different proxy and header pools, or you can use a done-for-you solution like ScraperAPI.
The number of rotating proxies we have in our pools varies from month to month with changes in demand. However, we always maintain at least 5 million residential IPs in our pools and can scale up quickly if demand increases.

To use our residential proxy pools you simply need to send your requests to the API via our API endpoint or proxy port along with the premium=true flag. From here the API will automatically route the request to one of our residential proxy pools and rotate proxies after every request.

To control the proxy rotation with the proxy pools and reuse the same proxy for multiple requests, simply use the &session_number flag (e.g. session_number=123 ). The value of session can be any integer, simply send a new integer to create a new session (this will allow you to continue using the same proxy for each request with that session number). Sessions expire 15 minutes after the last usage.


Yes, you can sign up to our free plan here and make up to 1,000 requests with our rotating datacenter and residential proxies. No credit card required.


Rotating Proxies For +30 Other Countries Available

Simply change the country_code on your request to change proxy location. Here are the 12 countries that come as standard.

Country Country Code Flag Proxies Available
United States United States country_code=us 5,121,722 IPs
Canada Canada country_code=ca 119,346 IPs
United Kingdom United Kingdom country_code=uk 298,962 IPs
Germany Germany country_code=de 321,736 IPs
France France country_code=fr 272,436 IPs
Spain Spain country_code=es 92,278 IPs
Brazil Brazil country_code=br 62,552 IPs
Mexico Mexico country_code=mx 78,327 IPs
India India country_code=in 3,574,624 IPs
Japan Japan country_code=jp 286,142 IPs
China China country_code=cn 358,963 IPs
Australia Australia country_code=au 142,857 IPs

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