Top 10 Dedicated, Virgin and Shared Proxies – Which Is Best?

Everyone who is truly eager to make the best of their web scraping or already has substantial experience with this process knows one thing – web scraping is impossible without a pool of high-quality proxies.

Whether you want to use residential, backconnect, or rotating proxies for your scraping venture, you must never compromise on their speed, reliability, and security. After all, the success of your business will ultimately depend on the data you manage to scrape from your target websites.

But with so many different proxy providers bragging about their ‘unmatched’ features, it is rather easy to get confused and misled. In addition, how can you know if a dedicated or virgin proxy provider is really worth the price?

To help you make the best choice, we have compiled a list of the best dedicated proxy, shared proxy, and virgin proxy providers you can find online.

Scraper API Shared, Dedicated, and Virgin Proxies

1. ScraperAPI

It wouldn’t be our blog if we didn’t put ScraperAPI as #1 on the list. 😉

Joking aside, we firmly believe that ScraperAPI should be right here at the top of the list of the best virgin, shared, and dedicated proxy providers for quite a few reasons.

Our web scraping proxy tool was created specifically with developers in mind. It helps them handle proxies, browsers, and different CAPTCHAs, which gives it quite an edge over most competitors. This, along with the fact that it is a rotating proxy service that rotates IP addresses with every request, makes web scraping a piece of cake.

Apart from that, ScraperAPI is fast, reliable, and fully customizable. With guaranteed unlimited bandwidth of up to 100Mb/s and a variety of customization possibilities, this web scraping proxy tool leaves you wanting for nothing.

Finally, over 20 million IP addresses located in more than 12 countries, professional customer support, and easy automation justify the fact that ScraperAPI is the front runner on this list.

If you are serious about web scraping and want to take it to a whole new level, take a look at our subscription plans.

Subscription Plans

2. Bright Data

Website: Bright Data

Bright Data has over 70 million rotating residential IPs in every country and city in the world. Whether you need their Datacenter Proxies, Residential Proxies or Mobile Proxies, they offer some of the best proxy servers around, and you can connect to them using their Chrome Extension, Proxy Manager or API.

With features such as preset configurations for proxy manipulations, random header generator, and built-in captcha solving, they are a one-stop shop for all your proxy needs.

As one of the earliest and best paid proxy server providers, they offer maybe the largest variety of products and payment methods, with bandwidth-based pricing starting at $0.40 per Datacenter Proxy or $3.00/GB for Residential Proxies. At this price point their offerings primarily target enterprise-level customers.

Proxy Bonanza Shared Proxies and Dedicated Proxies

3. Proxy Bonanza

Website: Proxy Bonanza

Proxy Bonanza offers shared proxy servers and dedicated proxies, but not virgin proxy services.

It should be noted that this company does provide some of the cheapest proxies around. For example, you can get 100 shared proxies for only $38/month, which is as low as $0.38 per IP. However, these proxy IPs have a data transfer limit of 40GB.

On the other hand, their dedicated proxies don’t have any data transfer limit, but they come at a much steeper price (25 IPs for $105/month).

It is worth mentioning that Proxy Bonanza offers anonymous SOCKS5 and HTTP proxies in all their plans. Also, they are pretty flexible, so you can create your own proxy plan based on your budget.

One thing that sets this provider apart is that they have proxies in over 109 locations across the globe, which is quite impressive. So, if having servers in various locations is important to you, then Proxy Bonanza may be your best bet.

Instant Proxies Private Proxies

4. Instant Proxies

With HTTP and HTTPS high-anonymity proxies throughout the USA and Europe, Instant Proxies is a great pick for everyone looking for private proxies.

Their datacenter IPs support web scraping, but you should note that they offer only static proxy IPs that can be rotated through an application or browser extension. Also, IP renewal is possible one per month upon renewal and on your request.

With 99.9% of network uptime, you are unlikely to experience any disconnects. Also, the authentication is IP-based for all proxies, with a maximum of 10 allowed IPs.

Other notable features for this proxy provider include:

  • advanced control panel
  • 100% compatibility
  • subnet variety
  • elite anonymity

Instant Proxies offer 6 different plans ranging from 10 to 500 IPs), with each IP costing $1.

Lime Proxies Virgin Proxies and Dedicated Proxies

5. Lime Proxies

Now, Lime Proxies have a great strategy as they focus on dedicated proxy (private) plans and virgin proxy (premium) plans.

Covering more than 40 countries worldwide as well as over 30 U.S. cities, it is obvious that most users will be able to utilize their proxy services for web scraping activities.

The pricing for dedicated proxies is $2 per IP, but at the moment of writing this article, they have a discount which gives you an option to buy a proxy for $1 in all their plans. On the other hand, their virgin proxies are understandably expensive, ranging from $3 to $5 per proxy depending on the plan.

Moreover, Lime Proxies gives you the possibilities to:

  • change your proxy on demand, anytime
  • add as many as 25 IPs to be authenticated for proxy usage
  • use a fully automated control panel
  • talk to their support 24/7
High Proxies Dedicated Proxies

6. High Proxies

If speed is one of your main concerns, then High Proxies is one of the options you may want to check out. Their proxies are hosted on fast, dedicated servers with speeds going up to 1Gb/s and 16 GB of RAM. This feature ensures that users get practically unlimited bandwidth.

In addition, their proxies fully support HTTP and HTTPS protocols, offering both IP whitelist and username/password authentication. The IPs you get are fresh and can be updated on a monthly basis.

When it comes to data center locations, they are scattered over the United States, Europe, and other continents. They also guarantee high anonymity of their proxies.

Lastly, their pricing is quite reasonable, with shared proxies starting at $0.6 per IP per month, while dedicated proxies start at $1.4/IP/month.

SlimProxies Semi-Dedicated Proxies

7. SlimProxies

SlimProxies generally offer semi-dedicated proxies which are shared between 3 users at the most. If you want a 100% dedicated proxy solution, you will need to contact them through email.

They have four different plans (50, 100, 200, or 400 proxies), but the price per IP remains the same in all the plans – $0.5 per IP per month, which is quite reasonable.

Here are some of the features SlimProxies take pride in:

  • fast servers
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • HTTP and SOCKS5 proxies
  • IP authorization panel
  • USA-located proxies
  • instant delivery
Light Proxies Shared Proxies and Dedicated Proxies

8. Light Proxies

Honest. Wholesome. Quality.

That is how Light Proxies describe their service. And they are not wrong.

Their proxy servers are located all over the US, but also in Canada, Germany, and Brazil. Some other features they (and their users) emphasize are the rather competitive pricing and superb customer support they offer.

Also, unlimited bandwidth, instant proxy delivery, great uptime and reliability, as well as the optimization of the proxies for any software, bot, or browser you may be using, are definitely worth your attention.

Lastly, Light Proxies offer both shared and dedicated IPs at the following prices:

  • shared proxy – 5 proxies per month starting at $2.25
  • dedicated proxy – 5 proxies per month starting at $5.40
Blazing Proxies Virgin Proxy Provider

9. Blazing Proxies

If you are looking for clean proxy IPs that have never been used before, Blazing Proxies is definitely one of your best options.

These virgin proxy IPS are located in Los Angeles, CA. They are an excellent choice since you can rent out the full /24 C block (256 IPs). Obviously, this is a life-saver since banning on websites most frequently happens on a C block level.

Also, the company allows only pre-approved clients to rent these IP blocks with the aim to ensure the quality of the blocks in the long run. On the other hand, non-approved clients will be able to buy from the current pool of proxies that Blazing SEO leases from other ISPs.

The best bit, however, is that all the blocks have been analyzed closely before purchase. This is a measure that helps Blazing SEO ensure that their IP blocks remain clean.

Finally, all clients need to provide a list of URLs they will use the proxy IPs on. In turn, their connectivity will be restricted with the aim to ensure maximum control over abusive activity that can hurt the reputation of the IP addresses.

The pricing plan is quite fair and reasonable, especially considering that their proxies have never been used before. The prices range from $0.90 to $1.75 per IP per month, depending on the plan you choose.

SSL Private Proxy Dedicated and Virgin Proxies

10. SSL Private Proxy

SSL Private Proxy is a well-known name in the industry. Many businesses and private users opt for this proxy solution. And if you want proxy services for dedicated usage, SSL Private Proxy should definitely be considered as a valid option.

However, you should bear in mind that their pricing plans are slightly higher when compared to some other proxy solutions that offer premium services of this kind.

Nonetheless, a number of users praise this proxy solution for social media usage, gaming websites, shopping, and Craigslist.

SSL Private Proxy guarantees 100% functional dedicated and virgin proxy IPs for all your needs. With this proxy provider, you will enjoy high anonymity private HTTP/HTTPS proxies, a platter of specialized packages for specific purposes, as well as numerous locations in the US and Europe.

In addition, this proxy solution is praised for its high-speed connection, instant delivery, and monthly randomization of proxies.

As mentioned before, SSL Private Proxy’s prices are a bit high. Depending on which of the four plans you choose, the price per IP per month ranges from $1.75 (private) to $3.60 (virgin). However, it is worth noting that the price can drop if you decide to buy a certain package for a full year.

Proxyall Shared Proxies and Dedicated Proxies

11. Proxyall

According to their website, Proxyall is as good as proxies can get.

And, truthfully, the offer is quite good. Their dedicated and shared proxy solutions, as well as SOCKS proxies, perform well in most environments.

Some great features this proxy provider takes pride in include a high level of anonymity. In other words, the IPs provided by Proxyall are very unlikely to leak.

Another great perk that you get with Proxyall is unmetered bandwidth. The traffic amount will go unnoticed by the proxy provider, so you can use as much of it as you need to get the job done.

Additionally, you can choose from both IPv4 and IPv6 HTTP(S) proxies and SOCKS proxies, which can be used together or separately.

Their control panel is easy to use. You can use either a username and password, authentication IPs, or both if you want to.

Probably the best feature of all is the proxy speed. Proxyall runs on enterprise-class hardware, their network operating on 16Gb/s ports.

The prices are quite fair. When it comes to their dedicated proxy plans, prices range from $1 to $1.15 for an IP per month. Shared proxies range from $0.30 to $0.45 per IP per month. Finally, dedicated IPv6 proxies range from $0.20 to $0.40 per each IP.

Honorable Mentions

Even though the ten proxy providers listed above are the best when it comes to dedicated, shared, and virgin proxies, this post wouldn’t be 100% complete without two other providers.

That is why we decided to include Microleaves and WooProxy as honorable mentions.

Microleaves Backconnect, Dedicated, and Shared Proxies


One of the leaders in the proxy industry, Microleaves started offering proxies in 2012. They provide backconnect, dedicated, and shared proxy servers. They run a huge network of P2P proxies involving 26 million rotating residential proxies.

Their basic plans include 5 dedicated proxies for $12.5 or 10 shared proxies for $15.

WooProxy Shared Proxies and Dedicated Proxies


Here are some numbers that show how much trust users put in WooProxy:

  • over 30,000 proxies delivered
  • more than 2,000 customers worldwide
  • 10,000 support tickets solved
  • 7 years of experience

WooProxy IPs work with all SEO tools, have instant activation and premium bandwidth. Also, the proxy servers are located worldwide, including the US, Europe, Hong Kong, and South Africa.

Their dedicated proxy plans include:

  • Starter – 13 proxies for $29
  • Professional – 30 proxies for $59
  • Enterprise – 100 proxies for $180

Final Thoughts

Now you don’t have to spend countless hours on the internet looking for the best shared, virgin, or dedicated proxy providers. Hopefully, this post offers all the information you will need when choosing the best proxies for web scraping.

Most probably, your budget will play a major role in choosing your proxies. With that in mind, our final recommendation is to try not to sacrifice quality for the price.

Remember, it is far better to get high-quality proxies and have peace of mind than waste time, effort, and nerves on IPs that will get you nowhere fast and thus compromise the success of your business.

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Zoltan Bettenbuk

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