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Auto Parsing

Scraping the most in-demand domains just got easier. Get structured JSON data using the standard API you already know and love. Our advanced Auto Parsing feature allows you to collect JSON data from Amazon, Google Search, and Google Shopping (more domains to come) using the standard API endpoint. When using

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Structured Data Endpoints

Turn in-demand domains into easy-to-use APIs and get structured data with a simple get() request. In addition to our standard API, we’ve created an ever-growing list of additional API endpoints you can use to retrieve structured data from domains like Amazon and Google (more domains to come) with a simple

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Async Scraper Service Tutorial

Our new Async Scraper endpoint allows you to submit web scraping jobs at scale (without setting timeouts or retries) and receive the scraped data directly to your webhook endpoint without polling. This makes your web scrapers more resilient, no matter how complex the sites’ anti-scraping systems are. Asynchronous vs. Synchronous

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