Web Scraping Cheat Sheets

1. Web Scraping Best Practices: ScraperAPI’s Cheat Sheet

Read the tips on the best web scraping practices to avoid roadblocks when collecting public data online. Get the knowledge and skills to overcome main challenges of collecting public website data — honeypots, CAPTCHAs, client-side rendering, and more.

2. XPath Cheat Sheet for Web Scraping

Learn how to take advantage of XPath to extract elements from DOM in any HTML document. With this cheat sheet, you will learn the most important XPath expressions and use them to scrape more complex websites.

3. CSS Selectors Cheat Sheet

Easily build CSS selectors to extract almost any element from a website – including dynamic pages. With our CSS selectors cheat sheet, you will learn how to build a more efficient web scraper and apply the right logic to collecting and parsing data.

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