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Get price data periodically from any website, 24/7, with a simple API. Unveil the complete picture of the market in just a few clicks.

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Data Pipeline

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Overcome Page Structure Changes

Ecommerce platforms often change their page structure and introduce new blockers. This makes it hard to collect structured data at scale.

ScraperAPI monitors the changes and introduces the necessary improvements to its API so you can scale data collection without getting blocked.

Structured Data

Get Pricing Data Faster

Thanks to our Async Scraper, you can track prices from thousands of pages simultaneously, letting you submit more concurrent requests, while keeping a 99.99% success rate.

Once the scraping job is resolved, you’ll get the data directly to your application, database, or anywhere you need through your set webhook.

Complete Flexibility and Control

Increase your scraping output in periods of extreme price fluctuation — Black Friday, sales, or holiday seasons.

Use ScraperAPI to monitor price updates and improve your dynamic pricing strategy.

Data Pipeline
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Scrape Prices in Every Location

With our premium proxy pool, you can access pricing for location-specific listings without getting blocked.

Make use of our rich parameters and go granular on local listings.

Collect Data at Any Scale with a 99.99% Success Rate

Scrape up to 10K URLs in one project using DataPipeline – our low-code solution – and create as many projects as you need.

Alternatively, integrate ScraperAPI with your infrastructure using our Async Scraper and structured data endpoints to handle millions of requests concurrently with a simple API call.

Async Scraper Service

ScraperAPI Works the Way You Do

No matter how you collect your data, ScraperAPI integrates seamlessly with any workflow.
Residential Proxies


Integrate ScraperAPI to your existing infrastructure to improve the performance of your scrapers, achieve higher success rates, and increase scraping speed.

Web Scraping: The Basics Explained


Automate your entire data pipeline at scale without writing a single line of code. Save on maintaining costly coding infrastructures and managing complex scrapers.

Streamline Price Monitoring with ScraperAPI

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Frequently Asked Questions

The simplest way to monitor prices is using DataPipeline:

  • Open your ScraperAPI dashboard and create a new project
  • Click on “extract data from arbitrary websites”
  • Copy your target page’s URL (like product pages) and paste it on DataPipeline
  • Specify any requirements like geotargeting or scheduling
  • Run your project. You’ll be able to download your data in a few minutes

You can collect data from 10,000 URLs per project, and you can create as many projects as you need. For a more advanced tutorial, check our guide on collecting eBay product data at scale.

Understanding the price strategy of direct and indirect competitors gives you the necessary insights to tackle new markets, set competitive prices, and take advantage of market shifts to gain a larger market share.

For example, if you can predict time frames when your competitors’ prices increase, you can use the window to launch new offers and win customers.

Check some of the most common use cases for web scraping in the ecommerce industry.

Yes, it is legal to monitor prices. As long as you are collecting publicly available data (e.g., from product listings and marketplaces), there won’t be any legal issues involved. That’s why we highly discourage ScraperAPI users from collecting data behind login or paid walls.

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December 4, 2023 | 3 PM CEST

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