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Top 10 Residential, Backconnect & Rotating Proxies for Web Scraping

Updated 2019-04-05 By The Scraper API Team
Web scraping can be difficult, particularly when most popular sites put heavy restrictions on access from certain IP addresses. In order to properly scrape most popular sites, developers should use residential proxies, backconnect proxies, rotating proxies, or other IP rotation proxy services in order to avoid having their web scrapers blocked or shut down, particularly when running scrapers in data centers, where IP addresses are often blacklisted from visiting popular sites on the consumer internet. Here are 10 most popular residential and backconnect rotating proxy services among web scraping developers right now.

1. Scraper API


Review: Scraper API is a tool for developers building web scrapers, it handles proxies, browsers, and CAPTCHAs so developers can get the raw HTML from any website with a simple API call. It doesn't burden you with managing your own proxies, it manages its own internal pool of over a hundreds of thousands of datacenter and residential proxies from a dozen different proxy providers, and has smart routing logic that routes requests through different subnets and automatically throttles requests in order to avoid IP bans and CAPTCHAs. It's an excellent crawlera alternative or luminati alternative, with special pools of proxies for crawling ecommerce listings, search engine results, reviews, social media sites, real estate listings and more! If you need to scrape millions of pages a month, you can use this form to ask for a volume discount.

2. Smartproxy


Review: Smartproxy has over 10 million rotating residential proxies with location targeting and flexible pricing. They offer all sorts of niceties like rotating sessions, random IPs, geo-targeting, sticky sessions, and more. They allow for unlimited connections and threads, charging by bandwidth (between $3 and $15 per GB depending on volume). They also offer a 99% SLA with low failure rates and 24/7 technical support with a 5 minute response time.

3. Luminati


Review: Luminati has over 40 million rotating residential IPs in every country and city in the world. They offer datacenter proxies, residential proxies and mobile proxies you can connect to through their chrome extension, proxy manager or API. With features such as preset configurations for proxy manipulations, random header generator, and built-in captcha solving, they are a one-stop shop for all your proxy needs. They offer pay per proxy as well as bandwidth-based pricing starting at $0.6 per datacenter proxy or $12.5/GB for residential proxies.

4. Microleaves


Review: Microleaves boasts the world's largest pool of residential proxies, with over 26 million in its pool at any given time. Better yet, they have no limits on bandwidth like many residential proxy providers. They allow rotating proxies every 5 minutes, which is faster than many other backconnect proxy providers. However, this service comes with quite a hefty price tag at $5 per proxy per month for worldwide proxies, and $10 per proxy per month for U.S. based proxies.

5. Geosurf


Review: Geosurf offers premium residential proxies at premium prices. It charges between $8 and $15 per GB of bandwidth depending on which plan you select, with plans starting at $300/month. This is one of the instances where you get what you pay for, the quality of the proxies is quite high even for harder to scrape websites.

6. Oxylabs


Review: Oxylabs provides data center and residential proxies for large scale data extraction. They offer a wide variety of proxies, with 30 million IPs from dozens of countries. While they are a bit on the expensive side, their proxy pool is generally quite clean and can work well for hard to scrape websites. They are also willing to work with you to find clean proxies for the particular site you are trying to scrape, and their support is always quite responsive.

7. Netnut


Review: Netnut boasts an impressive pool of residential proxies, allowing for country level geotargeting and sticky seessions. They offer complementary proxy rotation and load balancing, as well as a 7 day free trial. They charge between $3.5 and $15 per GB depending on volume.

8. Proxy Rain


Review: Proxy Rain leases proxies from other networks, and routes requests through IPs in a way to avoid IP bans. While it boasts easy transparent pricing similar to Scraper API, its prices are not particularly competitive. However, the quality is what you'd expect from a 20 year industry veteran like Brian Long.

9. Intoli


Review: Intoli is a smart proxy service boasting a large pool of residential proxies. It automatically rotates proxies on each HTTP request, but also allows you to reuse the same proxy if you desire, and can also use a headless browser to render dynamic javascript pages for you. Pricing starts at $20/month for 5GB of bandwidth, with additional data available in 5GB increments for $20. Failed requests are automatically retried, and they use intelligent routing algorithms to avoid detection.

10. Blazing Proxies


Review: Blazing proxies lives up to its name with fast, cheap rotating proxies, at just over $2 per backconnect proxy per month. Blazing proxies allows for rotation once every 10 minutes, and provides unmetered bandwidth with speeds up to 1 Gb/s. While their proxy pool is much smaller than other providers with only 8000 proxies at any given time, and many of their proxies are banned from popular websites, you can't argue with the speed and price!

These are the most popular residential and backconnect rotating proxy services out there for web scraping in 2019. Hopefully one of these services is a fit for your web scraping needs. Happy scraping!
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