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Why Choose ScraperAPI Over Zyte

Competing at an enterprise-level doesn’t require high price tags or vague pricing models. We’ve helped over 10,000+ brands access the data they need by making it as simple as possible to scrape the web at any scale.

So, how do our prices and features compare to Zyte?

Pricing Overview

ScraperAPI’s Business Plan

5 API Credits for eCommerce Sites
$0,50 per 1000 successful requests

600,000 Successful Requests

100 Concurrent Threads

Structured Data Endpoints
(No Additional Cost)

No-Code Scraping Job Scheduler

Residential, Premium and Ultra-Premium Proxies

JS rendering

Automatic CAPTCHA handling

Automatic IP rotation

$299 / month

Zyte API’s Per-Site Pricing

Tier 4 for Ecommerce Sites
$0,42 per 1000 requests

600,000 Successful Requests

Internal Rate-Limit

Automatic Extractor
(Increases the Cost per Requests)

Residential Proxies

Worldwide Geolocation

JS rendering

Automatic CAPTCHA handling

Automatic IP rotation

$252 / month

Although Zyte’s plan seems to be cheaper than ScraperAPI, once you start using more advanced features, prices quickly go up, especially for hard-to-scrape sites.

Price Transparency is Critical for Large Projects

ScraperAPI’s credit system makes it easy to understand how much data you’ll get from your subscription.

Category Normal Ecommerce SERP Protected Domains
credit cost 1 5 25 30

No matter the complexity of the ecommerce site, the price for every successful request is always going to be 5 API credits.

On the other hand, Zyte’s per-site pricing model uses a vague tier system, which makes costs higher based on the computational power and type of IPs used to bypass the site’s anti-scraping mechanisms, going from $0,08/1k requests all the way to $0,76/1k requests.

So if you’re scraping enterprise-level ecommerce sites, you’ll be easily met with a big price tag.

For context, using 600,000 successful requests as a reference, you can easily spend $456/month to scrape tier 5 ecommerce sites – which would be more realistic than collecting data only from small vendors that would still meet tier 3 – 4 because of the complexity of ecommerce sites.

ScraperAPI pricing stays the same, allowing you to scale your data pipelines without surprises in your bill.

The problem with Zyte’s system is that there’s no clear way to understand what sites can be considered tier 1 or tier 5, and based on their graphs and how complex websites are becoming, we must assume most sites will land between tier 3 and 5.

Plus, difficulty is not the only thing changing the pricing. Take into account additional features being used, the type of request you are making, and more.

Save Big on JavaScript Rendering

Zyte’s pricing model is based on computation power, and there’s nothing more computationally heavy than having to render your websites before returning the HTML.


Assuming you need to render tier 4 pages, we’re talking about $4,80/1k requests. So let’s compare it to what ScraperAPI offers.



JS Rendering Enabled

Total Successful Requests

Total Cost


Business Plan

15 API Credits



Zyte API

Tier 4 Website

$4,80 / 1k Requests



And if you’re going to collect data from tougher sites, ScraperAPI will keep its price, while Zyte’s prices double.

More Functionalities in the Same Plan

Everything is included in our plans, with no surprises or extra charges. Thanks to our credit system, we’re able to provide you with the same prices across all services, including:

All of these services use the same-based API credit system without extra configurations or plan upgrades.

No credit card required

All of the Internet’s Data Waiting for Your Call

ScraperAPI is ready to handle all of your data scraping needs – no matter the scale of your project.

1- Never get blocked

Our API rotates your IP with every request from a pool of millions of proxies across over a dozen ISPs and automatically retries failed requests.

2- Get accurate data fast

We automatically prune slow proxies from our pools periodically and guarantee unlimited bandwidth with speeds up to 100Mb/s, perfect for writing speedy web crawlers.

3- Never handle CAPTCHAs

Call ScraperAPI and forget about annoying CAPTCHAs. No need for 3rd party services or any extra software.

4- Automate javascript rendering

Simply set render=true and you’re ready to go. As simple as that, and without extra charges.

Want more customization? ScraperAPI allows you to customize request headers, request type, IP geolocation, and more.

ScraperAPI is Transparent and Built for Scale

Simple Pricing. No Surprises.



/ month



/ month



/ month

Most popular



/ month

Save 10% on Yearly Plan



/ month

Need more than 10,000,000 API Credits with all premium features, premium support and an account manager?

Are you not sure what plan fits best for you? Or do you want to discuss the option of a custom plan? Contact our sales.

All plans come with

IP locatations

40M IPs Around
the World



Uptime guarantee

Uptime Guarantee

Unlimited bandwith


Professional support


Frequently Asked Questions

Using ScraperAPI is as simple as sending a get() request. ScraperAPI will bypass all anti-scraping mechanisms, smartly rotate IPs and headers, handle CAPTCHAs, and more, so you can solely focus on data. Want to start implementing? Use our documentation for fast development.

ScraperAPI is designed to handle any workload you need. For projects handling millions of URLs, you can use our Async Scraper endpoint to submit your scraping jobs and get your data directly to your application or data pipeline using Webhooks.

These tips for building large-scale web scrapers can also help you ensure higher success rates without compromising data quality.

Our free tier is perfect for people getting started with web scraping. That’s why we offer 1,000 free API credits per month (5,000 for your first 7 days) and request no personal information from you on signing up.

No need for a credit card. No need to contact us to get started. Just start collecting data.

That said, we’re here to help! If you’re working on a complex project and need help, contact us at or contact our support team.

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