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10 Best Ticket Proxies For Web Scraping in 2020

Updated 2020-10-19 by Daniel Ni

Scraping ticket sites like and is notoriously difficult. They frequently some of the most aggressive anti-bots available to make scraping their sites at scale nearly impossible. As a result, this problem has spawned a whole new breed of proxies…Ticket Proxies. Proxies that are specifically optimised for scraping the toughest ticket sites without having

The 7 Best Google Image Search APIs and Proxies

Updated 2020-08-03 by Daniel Ni

Looking to find a set of images, their source, or do a reverse image search? Then this is the guide for you. Since Google discontinued it’s Image Search API, companies and developers have found it difficult to get the image data they need for their projects. In this guide, we’re going to walk you through

The 9 Best Sneaker Proxy Providers in 2020

Updated 2020-08-03 by Daniel Ni

If you’ve struggled to scrape Sneaker sites in the past then you’re not alone, and you’re not doing anything wrong. Sneaker sites are notoriously difficult to scrape since the often use anti-bot technologiesset to the highest settings. That’s where sneaker proxies come in and save the day.  Sneaker proxies are proxies that are optimised to

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