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5 Tips For Web Scraping Without Being Blacklisted, IP Banned, or Blocked By CAPTCHAs

Published 2018-08-22 By Dan Ni

Web scraping can be difficult, particularly when most popular sites actively try to prevent developers from scraping their websites. However, there are many strategies that developers can use to avoid blocks and allow their web scrapers to be undetectable...

The 10 Best Rotating Proxy Services For Web Scraping

Published 2018-07-20 By Dan Ni

Web scraping can be difficult, particularly when most popular sites put heavy restrictions on access from certain IP addresses. In order to properly scrape most popular sites, developers should use IP rotation services in order to avoid unnecessary downtime, particularly when running scrapers in data centers, where IP addresses are often blacklisted from visiting popular sites on the consumer internet. Here are 10 popular IP rotation services among web scraping developers right now...

The 10 Best Web Scraping Tools of 2018

Published 2018-07-19 By Dan Ni

Web scraping, web crawling, and any other form of web data extraction can be complicated. Between obtaining the correct page source, to parsing the source correctly, rendering javascript, and obtaining data in a usable form, there's a lot of work to be done. Different users have very different needs, and there are tools out there for all of them, people who want to build web scrapers without coding, developers who want to build web crawlers to crawl large sites, and everything in between. Here is our list of the 10 best web scraping tools on the market right now, from open source projects to hosted SAAS solutions to desktop software, there is sure to be something for everyone looking to make use of web data...

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Having built many web scrapers, we repeatedly went through the tiresome process of finding proxies, setting up headless browsers, and solving CAPTCHAs. That's why we decided to start Scraper API, it handles all of this for you so you can scrape any page with a simple API call!